Cast and Crew of Other Desert Cities Announced

Auditions for Other Desert Cities, a Pulitzer prize winning play by Jon Robin Baitz have been completed and we are proud to announce the cast and crew.

The cast includes two newcomers to the BLT stage with Susan Hatcliff playing the part of Brooke Wyeth and Mark Connelly as her brother Trip. Rounding out the cast are BLT veterans Dawn Daily as Polly Wyeth , John Meiners, Jr. as her husband Lyman and Julia Jay as her dependent sister Silda.

Other Desert Cities will be directed by BLT veteran actor Christine Jones in her directorial debut. She will be assisted by Kenny Wade as assistant director and Dawn Daily as production manager. Set design is by Randy Daily, lighting design by Geoff Starett, sound design by Sterling Wadzinski and costume design by Jan Herring-Seeley.

Other Desert Cities will open on September 19 at the Baytown Little Theater, 4328 Hugh Echols Blvd, Baytown, TX 77521 and run for three consecutive weekends. For more information about the play click here.

Cast of Oliver! Announced

Auditions for the 2014 summer musical of the Baytown Little Theater, produced at the Lee College Performing Arts Center for the fourth season, have been held, and we are proud to announce the fifty member cast and the twenty-plus backstage and production staff who will support the production.

Taking the classic role of one of Charles Dickens’ more memorable characters is BLT veteran actor Jim Wadzinski. He is reprising the role he introduced to the BLT stage in its 1988 production. Joining Wadzinski will be twelve-year-old Tanner Files in the role of Oliver and Hunter Hall playing the popular role of the Artful Dodger. Also heading the cast will be BLT veteran actress Maegan Carnew Megginson as Nancy. Opposite her in the role of the villainous Bill Sykes is Ryan Martin, who has been featured in many previous BLT productions. Mike Tuneberg and BLT newcomer Janet Harrelson will appear in the roles of Mr. Bumble and the Widow Corney, respectively.

Helming the production is Kim Martin, BLT veteran director and current Lee College theatre instructor. He is assisted by Mary Lou Martin as assistant director, Beth Darby as stage manager, and Derek Gutierrez as Technical Director, with music direction by Mike Tuneberg and choreography by Jenny Johnson. The orchestra will be under the direction of highly respected Baytown conductor Dennis Eichler.

Intensive rehearsals will continue through the summer, and performances are August 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, and 10. Tickets may be purchased on the Lee College PAC website at

The entire cast posting may be viewed at this link. A 5-page PDF document will be downloaded.

The 39 Steps opens the summer at BLT!

What do you get when you cross Abbott and Costello, Monty Python, and Alfred Hitchcock? A hilariously funny murder mystery called “The 39 Steps”.

Richard Hannay, who is about 5 foot something and very good looking, is bored, but not for long. He stumbles into a world of spies that will turn his world upside down after he meets a seductive secret agent, Annabella Schmidt. She catches his eye, but winds up dead in his flat before he can do anything about it. Now he is on the run to clear his name and save the world.

Along the road to redemption, he falls into the arms of a beautiful young woman named Pamela who can’t decide if she loathes him, or loves him. Then, he finds himself falling for Margaret Crofter, the wife of a Scottish farmer. Her feelings are mutual, but will she decide to leave the life she knows for the unknown?

Spies, murder and love abound as four extremely talented actors take you on a fast paced ride in this family friendly show. Hold on to your hats as they portray every character in the classic 1935 Alfred Hitchcock film.

Will Hannay, who is so much better looking than he was before, get the girl? If so, which girl will he get? Will he save the day before the top secret secret information leaves the country and end the world as they know it?

Join us at the Baytown Little Theater for the answers to these questions and more as Rick Olsen plays Richard Hannay, Tabatha Poole plays Annabella Schmidt/Pamela/Margaret Crofter, and Katherine McKay and Edith A. Maldonado play EVERYONE else.

You can’t go wrong with this John Buchan story that has been adapted by Patrick Barlow and published by Samuel French. Production dates are: June 6, 7, 13, 14, 20, 21 at 8:00 P.M., and June 8, 15, 22 at 2:30 P.M. Please call the box office at: 281-424-7617 for reservations, or click here to buy tickets online.