Welcome New Board Members 2016!

What a great turnout for the Annual Membership Meeting! Thank you to all who braved the bad weather and came to the meeting!  There are lots of exciting things to come!

We welcome the new board members D’Shawn Quade, Josh Jernigan, and Jennifer Wright.

We will miss you outgoing board members Patti Meiners, Michelle Cressy, and Koni Starcke.

Congratulations to the new Executive Board:

Jan Herring-Seeley, President
Joanna Gold-Baker, Vice President
Janet Harrelson, Secretary
Tammy Calaway, Treasurer
Julia Jay, Librarian

Continuing board members:

Beth Darby
Mark Fleming
Carrie McRay
Kevin Troller
Tommy Worley

What a great show of support and delicious food for the potluck!  Stay tuned for more great things to come!

Annual meeting and potluck Saturday, April 30th, 2016

Annual meeting and potluck Saturday
Baytown Little Theater’s annual general membership meeting will be at 11 a.m. Saturday (April 30) at the theater, 2 E. Texas Avenue
A potluck lunch will follow the meeting – bring something to share
Six board members will be elected to two-year terms. Nominations will be accepted from the floor. The nominating committee has nominated three current board members to remain and three new ones. (See biographies)
Renew your membership A new membership year started Jan. 1, so you will need to renew your membership to vote in the meeting if you haven’t already done so. You can take care of it at the meeting, or online.
Season tickets for the rest of the season will be on sale at the meeting.
We are In!!!
The new Baytown Little Theater at 2 E. Texas Avenue got off to a great start with a hugely successful run of Neil Simon’s “The Odd Couple,” directed by Gordon Gallatin.
Box office guru (and BLT’s newest Lifetime Member!) Dawn Daily reports that four of the six performances sold out and more than 500 people saw the show.
… but not quite finished
There’s still a lot to be done. Risers are expected this summer, after “The Cemetery Club,” while the theater is empty during “South Pacific” production at the Lee College Performing Arts Center.
If you can put in some time helping out as landscaping and inside work progress, check out our volunteer opportunities.
There are also a lot of things needed to make our new house a home – many of these are included on a wish list.
And, of course, contributions are always welcome, either online or by mail.
Next up: ‘The Cemetery Club’
Things get stirred up at the monthly gathering of four Jewish woman who meet to visit their husbands’ graves with the appearance of a would-be suitor for one of the women.
Joy Woods directs the play by Ivan Menchell, which opens May 20.
Cast members are Patti Meiners, Jane Rhodes, Julia Jay, Tammy Calaway and John Meiners.
Crew includes D’Shawn Quade, Tammy Calaway, Gary Smith, Kathryn Daniels, Joanna Gold-Baker, Taylor Pruett, Jan Herring-Seeley, Patti Meiners, Tammy Woods and Mackie Skinner.


The Annual Membership Meeting of Baytown Little Theater will be at 11 a.m. Saturday, April 30th at the new Baytown Little Theater, 2 E. Texas Ave. at the corner of N. Main St.
There will be a potluck luncheon after the meeting so be sure and bring your favorite dish to share!
Please ‘save the date’ so we can have the biggest attendance ever!
Six people will be elected at the annual membership meeting to two-year terms on the board of directors.
Nominations are accepted from the floor at the meeting.  Three current board members are ending terms and eligible for re-election (and willing to be re-elected), and three people were nominated by the nominating committee.  These are:
Eligible for re-election:  Beth Darby, Mark Fleming and Joanna Gold-Baker.
Nominating committee nominees:  Josh Jernigan, D’Shawn Quade and Jennifer Wright.
Biographies were mailed out.
The new membership year started on Jan. 1, so please remember to renew your membership. You can do so online or at the meeting.