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From the President: Welcome to the New Website

As we prepare to welcome in our new 2014 season, I want to take this opportunity to welcome you to our new website. Much careful planning has gone into the new design, setup, and transition to this site. Big thanks to Kenny Wade, chairman of the BLT Technology Committee. Kenny is a hardworking, creative, and highly dependable professional who has made an outstanding contribution to our ongoing efforts to support the work of our volunteers and keep all of our technology working, especially our web presence. It could not have been done without him.

I also want to take this opportunity to send warm thanks to Dwayne Bailey for continuing his support and contributions to BLT, even while he has spent the last two-plus years living in New Jersey. Through their care and conscientious preparation, he and Wendy left our website in great shape when they moved away, and they have continued to help us from afar, answering questions, hosting the site, and providing tech support as needed. This allowed us to carefully plan and execute the steps necessary to take more responsibility for work that they had so lovingly done while they were here. People like the Baileys and Kenny Wade are exactly why working at Baytown Little Theater is so rewarding. Thanks to all of you.

BLT has a new Website!

The executive board of Baytown Little Theater is pleased to announce the launch of its new website,  

The old website had been graciously hosted by Dwayne & Wendy Bailey for many years.   With the Baileys having moved across the country, the board decided that it was time to take back its responsibility.  We would like to extend our many thanks to Dwayne & Wendy for the continuation of their help during this transition.

With the change in domain name (notice there is no ‘dot’ between baytown and littletheater as the old address had), the site underwent a face lift as well.  There is a new slider on the front page that will announce the current and upcoming shows, as well as any other exciting information as it becomes available.  Each slide is clickable to access more detailed information.  We anticipate other changes in the site as we seek to improve the user experience.

While the old address will continue to forward here for the time being, we ask that if you have the old website bookmarked in your browser, please update it to the new address

We look forward to an exciting year!