Monthly Archives: May 2016

Welcome New Board Members 2016!

What a great turnout for the Annual Membership Meeting! Thank you to all who braved the bad weather and came to the meeting!  There are lots of exciting things to come!

We welcome the new board members D’Shawn Quade, Josh Jernigan, and Jennifer Wright.

We will miss you outgoing board members Patti Meiners, Michelle Cressy, and Koni Starcke.

Congratulations to the new Executive Board:

Jan Herring-Seeley, President
Joanna Gold-Baker, Vice President
Janet Harrelson, Secretary
Tammy Calaway, Treasurer
Julia Jay, Librarian

Continuing board members:

Beth Darby
Mark Fleming
Carrie McRay
Kevin Troller
Tommy Worley

What a great show of support and delicious food for the potluck!  Stay tuned for more great things to come!