A Great Time had by All at our Annual BLT Volunteer Celebration and Potluck Dinner

Wow!  What a wonderful time to get together and celebrate BLT!  We almost had a full house in the arena!  Thank you to everyone who attended and to all of the help to set-up and clean-up.

Oh the food!

We have some first class chef’s!  The dishes that were brought for the potluck were so delicious!  And more food than we could eat!  The dessert table was overflowing with many a confectioner’s delight.  Who brought the mini-oreo cookie white fudge?!  That stuff is addictive!  Thanks to Carrie and Jim for picking up Rooster’s brisket and chicken to round out the meal.  Beth’s wine kept on flowing, and Will’s beer was enjoyed by many!  Phil’s pork loin was cooked to perfection!  Crockpots of appetizing fare were too many to count!  We applaud everyone who shared their food and recipes with us all!  Bravo!

Year in Review!

Thank you Patti and Jan for speaking to us about how we got to this point, and what the future holds in store!  We’ve come so far in the last year since our 1st Annual Celebration, and the future is full of exciting opportunities to keep growing and perfecting.  For those who weren’t able to attend, the year in review picture slideshow will be posted here.  Be sure and check it out to see if you’re in it!  Link here —> 2016 Year in Review

The Autumn deco-mesh wreath door prizes were a charming event as many were hoping to win!  Thank you to Mike Aschenbrener’s kids for graciously pulling the winning tickets!  The volunteer appreciation ornament with BLT’s picture of the theater inside will serve as a fun remembrance of all our accomplishments!  Be sure and look for them on sale at White Christmas!

As the board lined up to shake everyone’s hand and say thank you, we were overwhelmed with gratitude for how many people hold BLT so dearly in their hearts and lives.  So many give so much to ensure our legacy continues.  A great big round of applause to you all!

Until next year’s celebration, I remain…

Dramatically yours,

Joanna Gold-Baker

Vice President of Baytown Little Theater