RPG@BLT – Tabletop Game Night REPLAY


Tabletop Game Night


Saturday, September 16 and Saturday, October 21, 2017


Join us for a night of Fun Tabletop Gaming with games such as “Dungeons and Dragons”, “Betrayal at Haunted House on the Hill”, “Boss Monster”, and “Werewolf”.

Have another favorite tabletop game? Bring your own!

Tickets: $10 per person available at the door.

~D&D Campaigns created by experienced Dungeon Masters will run throughout the night. ~

Players new to D&D are welcome to join – please come by 4:30 to begin character preparation.

Entry price includes all gaming, chips, dips and plenty of ice cold H2O to keep players well hydrated.  Sodas and candy will be available for purchase.

Come PLAY with us at BLT!!

For more information, email jan@baytownlittletheater.org