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Chills and Thrills - A Collection of Short Plays

written by

directed by John Meiners, Jr., Artistic Director

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Chills and Thrills Synopsis and Cast List

October 6, 7, 8,13, 14, 15, 2017
Friday and Saturday at 8:00 pm
Sunday at 2:30 pm

August 20 and 21, 2017
Sunday and Monday at 7:00 pm


We Fill Theaters
Dixie Rae - Jennifer Young
Justin Thorne - Jeff Luchsinger
The Head - Janet Harrelson
Scully Beauregard - Mark Fleming

Be Bold, Be Bold
Grandmama - Michelle Richards
Olivia - D'Shawn Quade
Lady Mary - Taylor Pruett
First Suitor/Brother - Sergio Valverde
Second Suitor/Brother - Fady Demian
Third Suitor/Brother - Xavier Lehew
Mr. Fox/Father - Will Myers

A Good Man's Failing
Son - Roy Brooks
Father - Jeff Luchsinger
Ghost - Patti Meiners

Darrin Howerton - Roy Brooks
Colton Howerton - Hunter Hall
Barry Howerton - Fady Demian

Subject A - Fady Demian
Subject B - Chelsee Jernigan
Professor - Jennifer Young
Player 1 - Josh Jernigan
Player 2 - Allison Jannise

The Inquest
Coroner - Jeff Luchsinger
Harker - Hunter Hall
Jury Foreman - Mark Fleming
Hugh Morgan - Gregg Pelt

The 23rd Dead Guy Reunion
LINCOLN Dead Guy - Xavier Lehew
LAW & ORDER Dead Girl - Taylor Pruett
GOONIES Dead Girl - Becca Thornton
HITLER'S BRAIN Dead Guy - Mark Fleming
WALKING DEAD Dead Girl - Kathryn Daniels

Death By Bloody Mary
Bloody Mary - Taylor Pruett
Joe - Xavier Lehew

Frances - Kay Lunn
Charles Nelson - Gregg Pelt

Trick or Treat, Seriously
Bob - John Meiners, Jr.
Shirley - Patti Meiners


Artistic Director
John Meiners, Jr.

Director - We Fill Theatres
Joanna Gold-Baker

Director - Be Bold, Be Bold
Gordon Gallatin

Director - A Good Man's Failing
Carrie McRay Martin

Director - Echoes
Julia Jay

Director - NPC
Zach Jernigan

Director - The Inquest
Steele Seeley

Director - The 23rd Dead Guy Reunion
D'Shawn Quade

Director - Bloody Mary
Roy Brooks

Director - Shadows
Jan Herring-Seeley

Director - Trick or Treat, Seriously
Mackey Skinner

Lighting Designer
Gary Smith

Lighting Technician
Katheryn Daniels

Sound Designer & Technician
Joanna Gold-Baker

Patti Meiners, Jan Herring-Seeley

Saundra Smith

Katheryn Daniels