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The Mousetrap

written by Agatha Christie

directed by Jim Wadzinski

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The Mousetrap by Agatha Christie is the most successful play in modern theater history, having run continuously in London 19s West End at St. Martin 19s Theater for over 60 years and well over 25,000 performances. While available for production overseas, there is only one authorized production in the United Kingdom per year other than the St. Martin 19s production. The play is based on an actual event, the death of a young boy, who along with his older brother and sister, were abused in a foster home.

The play opens with the murder of Maureen Lyon (the murder is unseen). We are then transported to Monkswell Manor, a guest house operated by Mollie and Giles Ralston. Mollie hears the news report of the murder, and seems disturbed by it, but continues to prepare for the arrival of their guests for the weekend, despite the blizzard that is raging outside. Their guests begin to arrive, including Christopher Wren, a young man who is acting very strangely; Mrs. Boyle, and older woman who is pleased by nothing; Major Metcalf, a retired military man; Miss Casewell, a rather mannish, very capable woman; and Mr. Paravacini, who mysteriously appears and claims that his car has been stuck in a snowbank and needs shelter for the evening. As the guests arrive, Mollie receives a telephone call from the local police, who tells her to expect a Detective Sergeant Trotter, and that they need to listen carefully to what he has to say.

Trotter arrives, on skis, and informs Mollie and Giles that a note was found on the body of Maureen Lyon with 1CMonkswell Manor 1D written on it, and also 1CThis is the first 1D. Witnesses also report hearing someone whistling 1CThree Blind Mice 1D before the murder. He explains that Lyon was the foster parent of Jimmy Corrigan, who died while in her care, and that the prime suspects in the murder are the two older Corrigan siblings 13 Kathy and Georgie. Trotter begins to probe the backgrounds of the guests to determine if there is a link to the Corrigans. He no sooner begins when another murder occurs. Two down. Who is the third blind mouse? And who is the killer? The play ends with the greatest twist in the mystery genre.

One note: it is traditional that every audience is asked, at the end of each performance, that they not reveal the twist to anyone outside the theater. To advance that, please do not Google 1CThe Mousetrap 1D and read about it before seeing it...don 19t ruin the surprise!

BLT Theater
February 10, 11, 12, 17, 18, 19
Friday and Saturday, 8:00 pm
Sunday matinee, 2:30 pm

BLT Theater
December 4 and 5
Sunday and Monday at 7:00 pm


Mollie Ralston
Ashley Cressy

Giles Ralston
Ryan Ervin

Christopher Wren
Samuel Estrada

Mrs. Boyle
Jennifer Young

Major Metcalf
Bob Townsend

Miss Casewell
Emily Vaughn

Mr. Paravicini
Butch Priddy

Detective Sergeant Trotter
Ryan Scheppe


Jim Wadzinski

Gary Smith

Joanna Gold-Baker

Assistant Director
Becca Thornton