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The Music Man

written by Written by Meredith Wilson

directed by Jim Wadzinski

"Professor" Harold Hill is a con man who, after hearing of River City being a real test of salesmanship, arrives there to run his standard scam of setting up a boy's marching band and then absconding with the funds donated to support the band. Marian the librarian smells a rat and works to convince potential "donors" to the project that this is a scam. Things go awry for Hill when he falls in love with the librarian. The story of a con artist with no musical ability who instills the love of music in the town he sets out to cheat.

July 28, 29, August 3. 4. 5. 10, 11, 12 at 8 pm
July 30, August 6, 13 at 2:30 pm


Traveling Salesmen
Joshua Hines, Brandon Rhodes, Louis Crespo, Brian Anderson, Dwayne Bailey

Charlie Cowell
Dean West

Bill Smith

Harold Hill

Neal Gage

Marcellus Mashburn
Jeff Butler

Mayor Shinn

Sam Nuzzo

Marian Paroo

Lauren McMicken

Mrs. Paroo

Susan Stock


Ashley Cressy

Winthrop Paroo

Zachary Newman

Tommy Djilas

Zak Daily

Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn

Julie Bailey

Zaneeta Shinn

Katie Bailey

Gracie Shinn

Sarah Bailey

Constable Locke

John Eubanks

The Quartet

Ewart Dunlop

Mark Hall

Oliver Hix

John Meiners

Jacey Squires

Glenn Whitcomb

Olin Brin

John Brokaw

Alma Hix

Koni Hovatar

Maud Dunlop

Kim Cavarretta

Ethel Toffelmier

Stacy Pipes

Joanna Gold-Baker

River City Townspeople

Patrick Estes

Gage Estes

Calep Estes

Daniel Crespo

John Brokaw Jr.

Garrett Hall

Sam Estrada

Patti Meiners

Madeline Crespo

Clarke Hines

Jackie Fuller

Kimberly Coonce

Nancy Hall

Cindy Lloyd

Jeanne McGee

Melanie Butler

Emily Allen

Lauren West

Lauren Whitley

Stephanie Whitley

Emilee Hodgson

Sarah Dickens

Miranda McCauley

Kendall Thompson

Julia Miller

Ellen Moreno

Alyssa Linares

Alex Musgrove

Kaci Baker

Dominika Snodgrass

Maegan Carnew

Lauren Hoyt

Whitney Hall

Brenda Smith

Dian Rosier

Erin Cressy

Hunter Hall

Jameson Applebee



Jim Wadzinski

Assistant Director

Maggie Eubanks

Technical Director

Brian Pitts

Vocal Music Director

Courtney Howard

Music Director

Brian Huysman

Anne Huysman, Peter Huysman


Gordon Blue

Production Manager

Gary Smith

Stage Manager

Amy Braselton

Lights Design

Matt Poole

Light Crew
Staci Walter, Preston Griffith

Jim Wadzinsko, Clarke Hines

Saundra Smith, Dawn Daily, Allison Moreno, Erika Hosgson

Joella Whitley, Anne Dickens, Amy Braselton, Carla Start

Belinda Berger, Michelle Buchanan, Samuel Estrada, Joella Whitley, Bettie Lovering

Set Construction
The cast

Makeup and Hair
Frannie Poole