Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering Back Stage

“castle” being built for Beauty and the Beast

Each production requires a number of volunteers to fulfill all of the needs of the show. By attending at least one audition night, you can submit your application to the director to do any of the following:

* Set design and construction
* Props
* Costumes
* Hair and makeup
* Sound
* Lighting

Your dependable assistance will be greatly appreciated!

Volunteering Off Stage

There are many other volunteers who keep the theater running smoothly. Whether it’s serving on the board of directors or mailing a reminder card, every volunteer is important.

Here are some other ways you can get involved.  Click on the Volunteer Handbook below for more information:

* house manager
* box office volunteer
* gift basket raffle
* play reading
* fundraising
* publicity
* lawn maintenance and landscaping

Send an email to volunteer@baytownlittletheater.org to get involved, or call the BLT (281-424-7617) and leave a message if you’d like to get involved. Someone will call you back within a few days.


Volunteer Handbook

Baytown Little Theater Volunteer Handbook


House Manager Handbook

House Manager Duties


House Manager Training Video

House Manager Training Video


Parking Lot Usher Handbook

Parking Lot Usher Duties


Production Manager Checklist

Production Manager Duties